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Batal: A New Video About Poisoning Stray Animals

Egypt, one of the oldest civilisations in the world, a country where animals were considered sacred, is now utilising the most barbaric methods in dealing with the same animals who were one day worshiped.

Stray animals in Egypt have been an on-going issue for as long as we can remember. The methods by which this problem is being handled have been causing quite the stir, from sporting clubs poisoning cats to the government shooting or poisoning stray animals, we have seen examples of such barbaric methods over the years. 

A new video ad has surfaced on poisoning stray animals. It shows a young girl playing with her pet dog in a public garden, and it flashes back to a person placing balls of poison in the park. As the girl plays fetch with her pet Yorkshire, the dog stumbles on one of the poisonous balls, starts to sniff it, and puts in his mouth disregarding the girl calling him to come to her. She follows him and finds the ball; she holds it in her hand and examines it, drops it, and takes her dog who has already put the ball in his mouth.

The video's description on YouTube explains that the ball of poison that could kill a 30 kg animal can just as easily kill a 30 kg kid. The video points out that poisoning stray animals is a wrong practice that could backfire; most people who have pets already know that it usually does, by either killing people's pets or children, because a ball of poison won’t be able to tell the difference between a stray animal or someone's pet, neither between a human or an animal – it will kill both just the same.

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