Sunday June 23rd, 2024
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Bazarna Brings on Water Guns, Picnic Baskets and Trinkets

Bazarna will not allow the summer weather to have you cooped up in your homes or stuck on mundane outings for fear of the all too glorious Egyptian sun, as their upcoming family-friendly event this May 29th gears up to be their most fun yet!

Staff Writer

Bazarna Brings on Water Guns, Picnic Baskets and Trinkets

Fact is the great outdoors is healthy for you, plain and simple. Alas, the summer weather is creeping in and one imagines the citizens of Egypt fleeing the streets and seeking shade. But at the end of the day there’s only so much you can do indoors for a Friday family day. Us city folk assume the only way we can enjoy the outdoors in summer is if we immigrate to the coast...Well this isn’t the case and Bazarna has proved this time and time again. Their next big event? Fun in the sun at Rehab's Family Park this May 29th.

Knowing that the summer is just around the corner. Bazarna’s upcoming event comes with a twist; Make a Splash will have fun water activities where the family will be able to see the positive side of the sunny weather. The event will be packed with different water activities, mini pools for the lil’ ones and of course...Water guns!!! Clearly, us adults are looking forward to having a good old fashioned water fight more than strictly necessary. But we're not the only ones: “I am extremely excited, it’s a different kind of outing and event. We went for a location lots of greenery because we want to continue to push for outdoor activities. You find families cooped up in malls; this is out of the box and caters to everyone. With our events we always bring something new to the table so this time it is a summer themed day and so, naturally, there are the water activities as well as arts and crafts and so much more...Real Madrid Football Academy will be joining this event as well as surprises for the parents,” tells us Yasmina Medhat, the co-founder of Bazarna.

Painting more of a scene where there will be birds singing, children playing and laughter in the air, Bazarna will have picnic baskets prepared. Families may pre-order the picnic baskets or get one upon arrival, filled with good food and complete with a blanket. This not only sets the perfect summer mood but one of complete relaxation and healthy living. “Why should family events not be special? Having a picnic basket ready really helps take away from the stress of preparing. We're always trying to make it easy and enjoyable. We love seeing people have fun”, continues Medhat.

Bazarna’s traditional bazaar will also be on the scene with booths that are there for one’s summer needs. As usual, Bazarna really pushes for quality, homegrown business to get exposure and simply make it in the cut throat business world as Medhat sees it, “we love helping these new Egyptian businesses and visitors seriously appreciate our effort in how selective we are about the booths present."

Let the water games begin this Friday May 29th at Rehab Family Park! Check their Facebook page here!