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Best Int' Schools in Cairo?

We came across a site that ranks international schools in Cairo, aimed at helping parents find out the best place for their children. Do you agree?

Despite usually picking up a weird hybrid language that belongs only to them and being shielded from the idiosyncrasies that actually make up Egypt, like, you know the poverty, the food, and average Egyptian people, sending your child to an International school, if you can afford it, is usually the best choice in comparison to the public school system.

Now on a social level, we know some international schools have more of an open lifestyle and might be considered party schools, whilst others may be full of Dutch people for no reason, and others are known for their strictness. is apparently the only place online to find an accurate listing of the best schools in Cairo. Schools are ranked based on several key criteria, including the quality of teachers, facilities, discipline, selectivity and other carefully calculated qualities. We're not sure just how reliable their research is but here's how they ranked: