Monday May 29th, 2023
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Bloody Brunch

Redefining what it means to go for brunch, Alchemy's delicious offerings come with a side of mystery and art, every Saturday.

Staff Writer

Remember when the concept of brunch was all new and exciting? You used to make promises to your friends, every Thursday that you’d get up at a somewhat reasonable hour and reconvene the afternoon after the night before to like, gossip, and like, drink and, like, OMG it’s totally like we’re in Sex and The City! You’re tooootally a Samantha!

Well, that kind of got old quick, didn’t it? After a few stories have been told and a couple of slices of stale bread  had been served, you realise there really wasn’t much  point of even getting out of bed. Luckily, all that’s about to change.  Adding a touch of mystery, a dash of class and a lot of first rate food, Alchemy are redefining what it means to go for brunch. Did we mention there’ll be art on display too? Take that, slutty Samantha.

Aptly named There’s Something Bloody About Mary, Saturdays at Alchemy give you a real excuse to drink in the daylight hours, as the alchemists will be mixing up perfect cocktails (a Bloody Mary is the only fail-safe cure for a hangover), and offering a brilliant brunch menu, including not quite breakfast, not quite lunch favourites from Eggs Benedict, frittatas and stacks on pancakes, to healthier selections including yoghurt parfaits, fresh fruits, granola mixes and more.

If that’s not enough to get to ditch your bland hotel buffet brunch for Alchemy’s magical menu, throughout the month, the restaurant and bar will be displaying the works of master sculptor, Nathan Doss, the man behind the haunting masks and statues that adorn the walls of the venue. The award winning artist will be taking this chance to display more of his sculptures, as well as a few mesmirising paintings, all created with a touch of myth and magic.

Alchemy’s There’ s Something Bloody About Mary is held every Saturday from 12PM, and the brunch menu will be available all day. Nathan Doss’ exhibition will run through the whole of November. For more information, visit Alchemy’s Facebook page here and follow @AlchemyEgypt on Twitter.