Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Blue Pencil

Blue Pencil is here, and they want to save the future of the English language in Egypt!

Staff Writer

Linguistics is everything. How you say something, when you say it and how you phrase it can dramatically alter the way it is perceived by people, or received by an audience. This is especially important when it comes to businesses, specifically start-up companies that are trying to get a foothold in the Cairo business scene. We mean, you wouldn't go to a shop with a typo in their logo/name, would you? You'd automatically think a restaurant is cheap or serves bad quality food if their menu was written in bad form, regardless of the actual quality of the food or service.

Enter Blue Pencil. Founded by our very own Anam Sufi, the company specifically deals with copywriting and editorial tasks for companies and business entities. "The idea for Blue Pencil was actually inspired by the Egyptian Zoo’s website. During a time when I was all about living life in an eclectic mode, I decided I’d go to the zoo, and perhaps pet a panda while I was at it (for any interested parties, there are in fact no pandas at the zoo). But the website’s English translation was the worst excuse of the language that I have ever seen. It got me thinking, why am I unemployed while whoever wrote this travesty is not?" says Sufi.

Do you have a menu that needs to be typed out in perfect English? Are you a managing a blog that needs to be grammatically flawless? Blue Pencil has it covered. They also write-up original content, if ever you need it. Just hand them a simplified brief of what you want to write, and they'll come up with an efficient and well-adjusted rhetoric for you. "The writing process at Blue Pencil involves a continuous conversation with the client, ensuring that the final product is a reflection that satisfies their vision on what they want to express. And this vision is not just a translation of the client’s vision; it’s the finest interpretation of it," she explains.

Check out their facebook page here!