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Boys Gone Wild?

NSFW: A Japanese game show sees a gay guy try to give a straight guy an orgasm on live TV, for no apparent reason, making for awkward yet viral viewing.

A Japanese game show aimed at turning a macho man into something a bit more YMCA has set the internet ablaze.

Yes that's right, the country which gave you the pillow girlfriend and octopus porn has done it again with Orgasm Wars; a segment on a late night game show set to give some guys the willies while making other jaws drop.

The concept is simple: Take one super masculine straight dude complete with penis, add in a slightly cocky gay guy complete with mouth and put them together in the ultimate battle of wills.

The object of the show is of course for our vagina-crazy contestant to avoid having an orgasm at the hands of a man while his opponant must use his...umm...skills to ensure a happy ending.

The pair have 40 minutes to perform the task – all the while they are cheered on by an audience filled with eagar university students – many of whom are probably left wondering how their lives reached this point.

As this (not safe for work, or home, depending on where you live...) video shows the experience quite literally sucks for our super manly Japanese pornstar Ryou Sawai while his portly opponent, Takuya (who own a bar called Cholesterol, for added comedy value) is left with err... egg on his face.

CairoScene tried to contact the producers of the Asian tv smash – alas nobody was available for comment.

We live in hope....