Sunday September 24th, 2023
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Your Burgerque Prayers Have Been Answered

Burgerque is officially now franchising, so you can own your own restaurant and stop having to go to Maadi for your fix...

Staff Writer

Who doesn’t love a burger? As gourmet burger joints start springing up everywhere there is only one that has anyone living outside Maadi jealous. [Insert drum roll here] As you may have guessed we are talking about the Burgerque, and just when you thought you would have to sell your place and move to Maadi for your fix, comes the news that the Burgerque is ready to start franchising.

The restaurant responsible for bringing to Cairo all you can eat burgers every Sunday have completed perfecting their burger-making recipes and their money making business model and our officially looking to franchise the chain beyond the Maadi district.

This comes as exciting news for patrons who continuously demand that the Burgerque expand. Answering their prayers the Burgerque has created an offer anyone interested in opening a franchise can’t refuse. As it stands Egypt has more than enough Mcdonald’s, and let’s be frank the Big Mac just isn’t what it used to be, or maybe it is and perhaps we are just getting sick of it rarely ever tasting like meat. 

If you have a love for burgers and making sweet money than the Burgerque is the answer. For further information contact the owners at 01223220014 or 01064162699

To visit their Facebook click here.