Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Bvlgari Is Getting Artistic This December

Bvlgari at The First Mall is getting creative this holiday season, commissioning a stunning work of art to adorn their store window. We got a sneak peek ahead of the big reveal...

Staff Writer

Bvlgari Is Getting Artistic This December

We took a casual stroll through The First Mall today – because on Tuesdays we like to take casual strolls through the high end mall for our weekly dose of fanciness and to remind ourselves of the many things we can’t afford; keeps us humble and makes us work harder, y’see? Passing in front of the Bvlgari store, where we usually stop at the window and stare longingly at every single item on display, we noticed some commotion – of the artistic variety. Cans of paint were scattered everywhere and the clear glass windows of the store were being transformed with colourful brush strokes as two artists worked their magic on the windows, carefully creating patterns with deft hands.

Bvlgari tapped Egyptian artist Alaa Awad to create something special for the store this holiday season and we just so happened to stumble upon the creative mind in the middle of his work. The second artist lending a hand at the site happened to be the CEO of Bvlgari in Egypt, who just so happens to be a painter himself, and simply picked up a brush and started to get creative on the windows of the store. Ah these creative types.

The mural is still in the works but we got a glimpse of the beautiful piece ahead of the big reveal on the 12th of December, and we can safely say it’s set to be a stunning statement maker. A lavish reception will be held on the day with some of our favourite earthy delights - ahem, macaroons and champagne. Because let’s all be honest, what else would you serve at a reception to celebrate a piece of art created for Bvlagri but champagne and macaroons? Stay tuned for the final piece, set to be unveiled this weekend!

You can check out their Facebook page here, website here, or follow them on Instagram @Bulgariofficial.