Monday December 11th, 2023
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ByGanz Launches Electronic Music Festival 'SARAAB' at Il Monte Galala

Event powerhouses, ByGanz, introduce their first electronic music festival 'SARAAB' at Il Monte Galala this December.

Cairo Scene

As the year approaches its end, it seems like we’re constantly swept up in a maelstrom of never-ending tasks at work, responsibilities at home, and – of course – Cairo traffic. With the world turning over a new leaf and embracing hardcore ‘wellness’ practices, we’re feeling nostalgic towards the good old days of sunset-till-sunrise partying.   

Over the last decade, ByGanz became a household name synonymous with all that is glamourous, ritzy, and forever young. Rising up to fulfill our need to let loose and embrace the wilderness while also feeding into our desire to feel sexy, ByGanz, in collaboration with Astral Element, introduce their first electronic music festival, ‘SARAAB’.   

The two-day musical extravaganza will take place this December 1st and 2nd, lighting up the rust-red mountains overlooking the Red Sea from within. Located in Il Monte Galala’s Basecamp, where episodes of Netflix’s ‘Finding Ola’ was filmed, ‘SARAAB’ will host an impressive lineup of over 15 international, regional, and local electronic music artists, with the lineup to be announced soon.   

“We are creating our next dream and it can’t be without you. Save the date, something big is happening, and it’s going to be super fun, as always,” ByGanz founder, Ahmed Ganzoury, tells #CairoScene.