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C for Charity

The Cairo Capital Club is adding another C to its acronym, hosting a lavish gala dinner and art auction to benefit the Doum Foundation.

The Cairo Capital Club is reincarnating itself as a sophisticated cultural hub for both business and pleasure, nestled in the heart of Garden City. Made up of an exclusive members list of the city’s most dynamic personalities, the club is opening up its doors for a good cause this Tuesday, 26th November socialites that contains many of the Capital's most dynamic personalities.

The first in a series of exciting events aims to raise funds for the Doum Foundation, a non-profit organisation which is launching a series of workshops that hope to incubate a new form of Egyptian art in various underprivileged governorates, by sharing information and encouraging people to question everything. This special night is called El Leila El Kebira and honours Nagy Shaker, the original puppet-maker behind the legendary operetta of the same name. The exclusive gala dinner costs 1500 LE to attend, with proceeds going to the foundation. The night will be hosted by renowned author, Khaled Alkhamissi, known for his bestseller, Taxi, and the founder of the Doum Foundation. There will also be an auction that includes the renowned “Egyptian Monalisa” as well as other notable artworks. The auction will be followed by a dinner prepared by Cairo Capital Club's gourmet master-chef, and closing the night will be a performance of the very same operetta that the event is named after.

El Leila El Kebira is sure to be a night to remember and the money raised will go to help a much needed cause. Everybody wins, which isn't often the case here, so go out and enjoy our rich culture while helping to inspire its overall progression.

To find out more about Doum check out their website:

To book your spot at the gala dinner call 02 2794 8247 or email