Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Off Redbull Fel Share3 to Sweep Cairo Jazz Club and CJC 610 Next Week

Can't do fel share3? Enjoy the show at Cairo Jazz Club and CJC 610 instead.

Staff Writer

Kicking off this April 20th is the much-anticipated 2nd edition of Redbull Fel Share3; a massive projects which will see nine of the Middle East's biggest bands and performers simultaneously take to the stage in different governorates including Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said and many more.

If all the street hassling isn't your thing and you'd rather kick back with a drink in hand to truly enjoy the show; Cairo Jazz Club is giving you just that with the 1st edition of Off Redbull Fel Share3, commencing this April 22nd and lasting for 4 days at CJC Agouza and CJC 610. 

Off Redbull Fel Share3 will see 8 of the Redbull Fel Share3 performers and bands take over Cairo Jazz Club and Cairo Jazz Club 610 to deliver even more blasting performances. Massar Egbari and Emel Mathlouthi are to take over Cairo Jazz Club next Sunday, followed by Hawas and Jadal, who will be taking center stage at Cairo Jazz Club 610 on Monday the 23rd.

Back to Agouza, Autostrad and Disco Misr will be dropping the beat on Tuesday the 24th. And last, but definitely not least, Dina El Wedidi and Aziz Maraka will be heading over to Cairo Jazz Club 610 on Wednesday the 25th.

Here's to a week-long fiesta courtesy of Cairo Jazz Club.

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