Wednesday March 29th, 2023
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Caféllucca: The Chanel of Feluccas

Caféllucca gives us a newfound appreciation for the Nile...

Staff Writer

The Nile is the gift that keeps on giving – you know, until Ethiopia turns the tap off. So, we still have a good two years left to enjoy the world’s longest river before it dries up and we all die of thirst or famine or both – yay! We're not ones to cry over spilled milk and catastrophic foreign policy blunders in times of apocalyptic despair, we would rather focus on quality of life – so, until the onset of drought, we plan on spending every waking hour on board a Caféllucca. We want to say our goodbyes cruising the Nile on Caféllucca as we munch on Sikh Mashwy’s delectable and comforting carnivorous oriental delicacies, and puff on a flavourful shisha. *sniffles*  

Founders Mahmoud Gamal and Ashraf Fikky were inspired to enhance the traditional Egyptian evening felucca experience while enjoying one themselves. “We were on a felucca one time and, halfway in, we thought, ‘wait a minute, why don’t we do this?’” Fikky recounts. “But we wanted to do something more professional and provide quality food and service.”Take everything you know about regular feluccas and dump it in the river – these are no ordinary feluccas. “The concept was basically to reinvent the traditional felucca experience while still preserving the traditional feel and design and everything else about it,” he explains. Modern additions such as Wi-Fi, karaoke, electronic shisha, and on-board TV and media players will certainly come in handy when you’re preoccupied with the imminent water crisis.

The duo had something else in mind when they embarked on this venture: supporting Egypt's tourism, “The Nile is one of Egypt’s most beloved landmarks; anyone recognises it when they see a photo of it. But, with everything that has been going on and the industry being what it is, we wanted to support the sector,” Fikky says.

The end of days may be nigh, but don’t you for a second make the mistake of thinking you can just waltz in at any of Caféllucca’s boats, as they are only available for private use by groups of 4-6 or more on weekdays and/or weekends. So, unless you have friends, don’t you dare come near a Caféllucca. Also, judgement day is upon us, you should probably make friends and take them to the godliest river on Earth.

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