Friday December 8th, 2023
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Cairo Marathon Will Now Take Place in Heliopolis

Previously set to take place in Downtown Cairo, the Cairo Marathon will return to Heliopolis due to its more secure setting.

Cairo Scene

Cairo Runners - one of the largest marathon organisers in Egypt - has announced a change of location for this year’s edition of their annual Cairo Half Marathon.

Originally scheduled to take place in Downtown Cairo, the Cairo Half Marathon will instead return to Heliopolis, where the event held a successful run last year.

The choice was made after thorough discussions between Cairo Runners and Egyptian authorities, which concluded that Heliopolis was a more secure location due to its wider, flatter routes, which can be more easily closed off from oncoming traffic.The decision will also help Cairo Runners obtain international certification for the event.

Cairo Half Marathon 2023 will take place on March 10th, with Merryland Park set as the official meeting point. Tickets are available for sale until February 27th.