Saturday April 20th, 2024
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Cairo Metro Ticket Prices Have Increased

The new ticket prices start at EGP 6 for one area (9 stations) and max out at EGP 15 for four regions (23 stations).

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Cairo Metro Ticket Prices Have Increased

The Ministry of Transportation has announced an increase in ticket prices for the Cairo Metro, coinciding with the commencement of trial operations for the second part of the third phase on the third metro line.

The new ticket prices are as follows: EGP 6 for one area (9 stations), EGP 8 for two zones (16 stations), EGP 12 for three regions (23 stations), and EGP 15 for four regions (more than 23 stations). Additionally, individuals with disabilities can travel across all four regions for 50 piasters.

Minister of Transportation, Lieutenant General Kamel Al-Wazir, revealed that the trial operations with passengers have begun for the new segment of the third line, extending from Kit Kat to the final station at the Rod Al-Farag axis. This extension, which includes six stations, aims to serve citizens and students residing in densely-populated areas along the route.

The third line has already been operational from Adly Mansour to the Rod Al-Farag axis, with the only remaining segment being the third part of the third phase, which will extend from KitKat to Cairo University. This segment is currently undergoing experimental operation without passengers in preparation for its future opening to the public.