Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Cairo Nile Shuttle

Solving Cairo's traffic problems with state-of-the-art 'river busses' Cairo Nile Shuttle is launching very soon. We talk to founder Karim Sabh to find out more...

Staff Writer

When Abraham Maslow created his Heirachy of Needs; the universal pyramid to chart what us two legged messes have to have and in what order so we can be satisfied, he probably didn't take into account a modern day decrepit metropolis where, unless you are the president of said metropolis, your psychological wellbeing, your safety, love, self-esteem and self-actualisation are greatly hampered by one thing: traffic.

However much our socio-economic situation changes, the amount of time spent in a sickly state of road purgatory only increases, while quality of life slowly diminishes. But what can anyone do about it? God knows more beeping won't get us anywhere, seriously, please, stop it. The noise pollution is of far less worry than the air pollution with most of the dilapidated Communist-made cars helping to turn our oxygen into the third worst in the world to breathe in, and if you can survive the mind-numbing wait in traffic, survive the poisonous air fumes, you may just croak as one of the 1,000 Cairenes who die every year from road accidents.

Cairenes are naturally stubborn, so finding a solution to the problems on the road whilst not pissing anyone off (I.E. Taking away car licences for unsafe cars, congestion charges etc) is a nigh impossible task here, so fuck the road! Let's move on to the water, at least that's what Cairo Nile Shuttle are aiming at. The new private boat shuttle service, based in Maadi, offers a cheap, alternative and fast way to get from A to B and back, avoiding the stress and time usually wasted on the road.
"The River Transport Authorities have already given the go ahead for the project," said co-founder Karim Sabh, which will launch with one 20 seater boat, complete with WIFI and air conditioning and will soon add more to the fleet with a state-of-the-art design (featured above). Initially, the route will be from Maadi to Downtown and surrounding Downtown areas including Zamalek, Mohandessin and Agouza and each trip will take 30 minutes. There will be designated times for pick ups and it will work more like buses than taxis. The idea has been three years in the making but we hope for Egypt's transportation ecosystem the idea lasts long in to the future.
Check out Nile shuttle and find out about their launch on their fanpage here.