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Cairo University is Launching 'Green Egypt' Initiative Planting 1 Million Fruit Trees

Fruits for everyone!

Cairo Oranges

Cairo University has just announced that they're launching a campaign titled 'Green Egypt' to cultivate one million fruit trees across Egypt, and the university's Faculty of Agriculture will be overseeing it. In partnership with one of Egypt's leading telecommunication companies and implemented by students and technicians, the project is set to be completed within four years and will be funded by a private company.

"The project is a new model of cooperation between the university and the private sector that aims at contributing to sustainable development, as the Egyptian agriculture industry is one of the major pillars of the country's economic growth," Mohamed El-Khosht, President of Cairo University, said in a press release on Monday.

Last month, El-Khosht said that the 110-year-old university has achieved a huge leap in 2019's international Shanghai rankings. It had succeeded over 153 universities of which 92 are Chinese, 33 are Japanese, 12 are Turkish, 13 are Iranian and 3 are Israeli.

"The project fulfills many of the faculty's educational goals by providing opportunities of vocational training for thousands of students in many areas to help them decide their professional paths in the future,” Amr Mostafa, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, said.

The campaign also provides these students with needed expertise and hands-on experience, as well as supporting the facility's technical and financial capacities, improving its overall performance and efficiency.