Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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Cairo as You Have Never Seen It Before: Cairolapse Explores the City that Never Sleeps

Anything can be a matter of perspective. Cairo can be hell and it can be heaven. We choose it to be our heaven. So does Hisham Moll in his short film Cairolapse.

Staff Writer

Two minutes are enough to let Egyptian filmmaker Hisham Moll mesmerise you with an ode to his bustling native town in the trailer of his upcoming short film entitled Cairolapse. The city of 1,000 minaretes; the metropolis that never sleeps; the golden epicenter of Arab culture, and the most populated city in North Africa: multiple phrases could describe Cairo, yet none condense the spirit of its dynamic, magnetic, and unperturbed pace altogether as this time lapse.  

Exploring its busy streets, its lingering red sunsets , this time lapse is only the trailer of a promising short film, which Moll filmed in the most unlikely of places, from random Cairene balconies to the more secluded White Desert.

CairoLapse Trailer from Hisham Moll on Vimeo.

“CairoLapse has given me the opportunity to explore places in Cairo I haven't been to. My goal for this film is to expose the beauty in Egypt for what it is: beauty in its culture, heritage, and people,” says the filmmaker, who is based in Florida, USA.

After his first timelapse exploring his current city of Tampa, the artist began working on a project to shed a distinct light on Cairo in July, concluding its production stage only one month later.