Monday June 24th, 2024
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Mubarak Looking At Things: The Most Hilariously Baffling Tumblr Account

The best way to deal with depressing political issues like Mubarak, Egypt's longest running dictator, is to find the bizarre humour in it all.

Staff Writer

Mubarak Looking At Things: The Most Hilariously Baffling Tumblr Account

Just when we thought Mubarak was running out of style we come across this killer Tumblr account Mubarak looking at things, dedicated to Mubarak’s relentless and everlasting curiosity. From looking into mysterious dark holes for stray racoons (or for probable reasons we can’t disclose) to getting distracted by random objects during meetings, to ignoring other presidents and officials while taking a moment to admire a portrait or a rag or an award of some sort, to standing in perfect posture and staring into the abyss in search for an epiphany, and the list goes on and we love it all!

Who would’ve thought Mubarak can be so contemplative and appreciative of the little things in life? He’ll look at anything and everything! There isn’t a moment in life where he is not directly looking at something. He’ll look at you if he could! If he can look at all things at once, he probably will! Sometimes with joy, other times with a serious sense of inquisitiveness.

He’ll stop a field trip to literally get into the field and look at flowers, or he’ll wonder “what the hell am I doing here and what the hell is this?” when visiting factories and investigating their machines. Like an eight year old in a president’s suit, although even 8 year olds space out from time to time, but not him. Perhaps it would be interesting to come across a Mubarak daydreaming Tumblr account, but there aren’t any, because he never daydreams, EVER.

So for the time being, enjoy the hundreds of photos commemorating Mubarak’s scrupulous attention to detail, and total abandon of all else surrounding him. You won’t be disappointed. And to whoever created this account, probably not the exact Mubarak fan, or hater, nonetheless we sincerely thank you on behalf of Cairo Scene team. 

Photo Copyright Elijah Zarwan