Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Cairo's Food Fetishes in Numbers

ElMenus has just released its annual insights, revealing some interesting facts about Cairo's eating habits. Check out the infographics here...

Staff Writer

Cairo's Food Fetishes in Numbers

ElMenus, that website you go to when you tell yourself you don't want to order fast food, you want something healthy and different but you just end up ordering a Bic Mac anyways, have just released their annual insights into Cairo's eating habits.

With hundreds of thousands of users, they've gathered a lot of data over the years about the restaurant industry to come to some very important conclusions such as...

Women like sushi, men like pizza!

Everybody loves chicken...

The most expensive meal in Egypt is the Mikado at Shogun in Intercontinental CityStars Hotel. No, not the choclolate bread sticks Mikado; it's a Teppanyaki meal that includes American striploin steak with mushrooms, lobster with fresh coriander, tiger prawns with sweet chili, seabass with lemon garlic and green mussels with green pepper. Surprisingly diamonds are not part of the ingredients.

Twice as many F&B establishments opened up in 2014 compared to 2013, most of the unimaginitevly, serve 'international' cuisine.

Zamalek love their Mince, East Cairo (Heliopolis, Sheraton, Nasr City) love random shit no one's ever heard of, and Maadi like their liver...