Saturday June 10th, 2023
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The Camel Caravan has Set Up Camp in Egypt and it's Lit

Camel sure does know how to make an entrance.

Staff Writer

Recently launching in Egypt, Camel is the cigarette brand with a personality and it made quite the entrance with a party that had the town buzzing. With over 100 years of heritage, the American brand knows how to make a statement. Conceived at the circus in 1913, Camel went on to hit our speakers with its own radio show and then made it big in New York city with their iconic "camel cigarettes smoking man" building, unveiled in 1941. And well, it has been asserted that if you can make in New York, you can make it anywhere. And anywhere for Camel at the moment, is Egypt. Having launched with two types of cigarettes - Camel filters and Camel blue - the brand is known for its spunky adverts. With slogans like “the camels are coming” and “I’d walk a mile for a camel”, these are cigarettes that are in no shortage of sass. Basically if Camel were a person, we'd all aspire to be at his level of cool. The brand made its debut in Egypt's clubbing scene by throwing a party at the Ritz Carlton. Hosting dancers, graceful ballerinas and a visual artist blending a selection of art to match our mood, Camel pulled out all the stops for this one. 
They're not just about the parties though, we hear a pack of camel stays fresh for up to six weeks. They've even got an awesome mascot, the cool camel himself who's usually seen sporting his shades which are possibly way cooler than any of the ones we own.

Camel isn’t merely a cigarette brand, it’s an identity and its disruptive and a bold persona that isn't one for the faint hearted.

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