Sunday July 21st, 2024
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Cirqy Goes Live!

A hub for artists and designers to come together and get their work seen and sold, Cirqy offers the Cairo art scene the chance to inject some diversity into the mix.

Staff Writer

Cirqy Goes Live!

It's no secret that the art community in Egypt has been a close-knit circle for a while now. Everyone has a specific role; their own place in the artistic and cultural hierarchy of the Egyptian art scene, and one would do well not to overstep his boundaries lest he incur the wrath of some socialite bitch who thinks she's only designer/artist/singer to ever walk the face of the earth. Competition is frowned upon, and diversity is shunned and utterly disregarded, which is why it warms our art-loving hearts here at CairoScene to see initiatives such as Cirqy coming together in the hopes of providing a better art scene in Egypt.

Cirqy is a concept website that aims to be the premier design website in the Middle East, surrounding themselves with artists, designers and crafts-makers from around Egypt and offering them a forum on which they can display and sell their art. Founded by Karim El Shafei and Moustafa Talaat, the idea came to them while "bitching about corporate life," and stemmed from a desire to "create a platform for people who make and sell things that are usually scattered all over Facebook and other social media platforms, making it super hard for them to find". The duo tackled this issue by starting off with contacts they already knew, and built from the connections they gathered from those contacts and so on, eventually managing to gather a sizeable and impressive community of artists who joined their hub. When asked where he sees Cirqy in five years, El-Shafei replied "I see us expanding into the rest of the Middle East, such as Lebanon or the UAE. I'd also like to add more options to the website, such as order customisation."

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