Monday December 11th, 2023
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Cloud 9 Music Festival is Back!

The music festival that has made a name for itself with its epic line-up of local acts and cool activities, all set against the backdrop of Sinai's picture perfect beaches, is back again this September...

Staff Writer

Cloud 9 Festival is back this September in Nuweiba with more underground performances and activities tailored to you - the subculture fiends and fanatics! Three days of liberation, music, and workshops. Nothing short of quality acts like those we’ve seen from their previous line-ups which featured a diverse range of Electronic sub-genres, Indie and Folk acts such as Portrait Avenue, The Chicken Came First, Adam Awad and the infamous KIK family including Xuli, Ismael, Bosaina II and TAG – will they be back to perform this year? We don’t know as of yet so stay tuned as Cloud 9 Festival will be releasing this year’s bill sometime next week and we’ll be first in line scratching at their doors for the good news! Venue, workshops and logistics will also be announced then.

Some of the workshops last year included yoga, Capoeira, kite-making, and Refuse, a green start up that aims to reduce plastic waste by upcycling plastic to design environmentally responsible and functional products, and it’ll only get more interesting this year! All while enjoying the magnetic, crisp-blue beaches and beautiful sun-soaked Sinai weather. The festival will run for 3 days and nights from the 24th to the 26th of September; just in time for that cool breeze to kick in post the horrific heat wave we’re currently suffering… What better time to pack up and hit the road!? This is one of the rare events taking place in Egypt that are directly aimed at supporting up-and-coming and noteworthy bands, musicians, artists, activities and causes, while giving genuine music fans and city bunnies seeking a different environment the opportunity to engage with the music and lifestyles they identify with. Something to look forward to...

For more info visit their site here. You can also check out their Facebook page here.