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Aly Hassanein Dies Suddenly at Age 76

This morning actor Aly Hassanein, known for his role in the iconic movie 'Ice Cream Fi Gleem', passed away unexpectedly.

This week has the seen the loss of many loved actors. From Mirna El Mohandess, to Nour El Sherif, this morning we lost yet another great talent, Aly Hassanein who is best known for his role as 'Zeryab' in the movie Ice Cream Fi Gleem, and a sheikh in the movie Kitkat.

Hassanein was multi-talented and was as comfortable on screen, from series to films, as he was on stage. The highly prolific actor effortlessly dominated various genres. Drop him any script (which he always read twice in a row as soon as he received them) and he would do the role, and do it well. It is very sad to have to say goodbye to him. He dedicated his life to his art, partaking in a large number of works and projects, three of which were performed this year alone, prior to his death.

He also did the voice over for four Disney films dubbed in Arabic; Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Cars.

Goodbye Aly Hassanein. You will indeed be missed.