Friday April 19th, 2024
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Coca-Cola and Okhtein are Joining Forces and Bringing Us the Ultimate Companion

An authentic Okhtien leather card holder decorated with the beautiful Coca-Cola contour bottle key chain and bottle opener: all you need for your day.

Staff Writer

Coca-Cola and Okhtein are Joining Forces and Bringing Us the Ultimate Companion

The international spotlight that has recently shined on Egyptian talent is seeing two iconic brands come together with a shared vision to revive Egypt's cultural and artistic heritage. Coca-Cola is jumping on the bandwagon with their latest and cutest collaboration with internationally-acclaimed Egyptian brand Okhtein.

Having been worn by famous stars like Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid, Halle Berry and Queen Rania of Jordan, Okhtein are joining forces with Coca-Cola to release red (and we're talking Coca-Cola red, not just any pedestrian kind of red) cardholders that also come with Coca-Cola bottle openers and a keychain! The collaboration was revealed and passed out to the attendees at the third annual Cairo Design Award event in The Nile Ritz Carlton on Wednesday, November 27, following a talk by both brands sharing the stage.

Coca-Cola’s IMC Manager, Mostafa Talaat, spoke about the evolution of the Coke bottle’s contour-shape and introduced Okhtein to talk about the handmade cardholders and the intricate detail put into the design of the bottle opener. As an example, the symbol of the hands is a reminder that what you’re holding in your hands is art handmade by Egyptian women imprisoned for being in debt.

Using authentic stories as their main vehicle of choice, Coca-Cola are making trails in the international fashion scene, taking pride in supporting creative initiatives and endeavours.