Friday June 14th, 2024
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Converse PhotoClash Hits Egypt

After shaking up global arts scene with their collaborations with underground artists in the likes of Berlin, Amsterdam and Cape Town, Converse's PhotoClash lands in Cairo tomorrow, when Hassan Hassan and Amro Thabit will be clashing your photos.

Staff Writer

Converse PhotoClash Hits Egypt

It’s not every day your average selfie or on-the-fly group photo is turned into a work of art. Sure you might get 46 likes on Instagram, and if you’re lucky, you might get a few flattering comments. But all that is about to change. After touring the world with their brilliant new PhotoClash campaign, Converse brings colour to Cairo on April 29th as they team up with local pop artists Hassan Hassan and Amro Thabit to turn your pictures into priceless pieces.

This season, Converse is all about colour. From tie-dye to neons, their stores are flooded with rainbow hues this spring, and your photos should be to. PhotoClash sees underground artists from across the world collaborate with the iconic sneakers brand to manually transform photos. Having already taken over the arts scenes in cities like Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague, Cape Town and most recently Beirut and Amman, the PhotoClash concept has seen emerging artists modify Twitter users’ photos and turn them into quirky one-off images, theirs to keep forever.

Here’s how it’ll work in Egypt: Between April 28th and April 29th, you can tweet the photo you want clashed by either Hassan Hassan or Amro Thabit, tagging @Converse and using #ClashMyPhoto. The artists and the creative crew at Converse will choose the most interesting photos and on the 29th, they’ll be printed, ‘clashed’ by the artists and sent back to you. 

Throughout the day, CairoScene and sister site CairoZoom will be posting live updates of the artists in action, as well as some behind-the-scenes videos and, of course, the finished results. To get an idea of what your PhotoClash image could look like, we’ve asked Hassan and Thabit to clash a couple of photos:

PhotoClash by Hassan Hassan
PhotoClash by Amro Thabit

Keep an eye out for posts by Hassan Hassan and Amro Thabit as they warm up their artistic muscles ahead of the big day, and we’ll be keeping you updated. Forget filters; a PhotoClash post on Instagram will get you mad followers.