Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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Cook Door Improves Exam Grades

Exam season is tough. But what if we told you could win a free meal just by sending Cook Door a studying selfie? Find out more...

Staff Writer

It's that time of year again. The youth of Egypt disappear from the streets and are confined to their rooms behind a pile of books, praying for imtiaz ahead of final exams.

With stress mounting and time fleeting it seems impossible to do anything other than write out your text books a million times. Besides, if you don't get imtiaz, you won't be able to go on the vacation, or marry that girl you love, or even face your family that matter.

Understanding where you coming from, is none other than Cook Door, whosse latest competition aims to take away the time wasting stress of deciding what to eat. Everyday from now until the 31st of May they'll will be offering free combos immediately for the first 30 students who take a photo of themselves while studying, and put it on Instagram, tagging @CookDoorEg and using #وجبات_الامتحانات

Studying is important, but is often interrupted by bouts of procrastination. It is next to impossible to efficiently study on a empty stomach, which why Cook Door wants to help you make the grade in the most delicious way possible. 

Find out more about Cook Door on their official Facebook page here.