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Court Rules Christian Woman to Receive Equal Inheritance After One-Year Legal Battle

Human rights lawyer Huda Nassralla successfully argued for her rights in accordance with Christian doctrine.

Huda Nassralla

After a one-year campaign, the Helwan Family Court has ruled that human rights lawyer Huda Nassralla will inherit an equal share of her father’s assets with her brothers, in accordance with the Christian doctrine. Huda Nassralla has been personally fighting for this over the last year, expressing that she should be able to inherit equally with her brothers, and that she should legally comply with the Christian doctrine regarding inheritance, as opposed to the Islamic one.

Nassralla's Facebook post celebrating this victory went viral: “Finally, the court has ruled on my case that the inheritance is to be equally distributed  between the male and female inheritors.” Crowds of Facebook users responded to the post with their congratulations.

According to Masrawy, the court's ruling was in compliance with Article 245 of the Orthodox personal status regulations, issued in 1938, which call for equal inheritance between male and female siblings.