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Craig David Set to ‘Run Up the Beat’ in Egypt

The catch? You have to participate in a 5 KM run, and those who walk or run to the finish line get to receive a ticket to the festival's grand finale.

Yes you read that correctly, British R&B star, Craig David, is set to perform in Egypt - but this is a performance with a difference, one that is part of a festival that asks you to EARN your ticket by walking or running.

This is all the work of Boost’s ‘Run Up the Beat’, a music and fitness festival that is taking place in the Middle East for the first time on May 13th at Mountain View Chill Out Park in 6th of October City. Kicking off at 3PM where the first run will start at 5PM, the event will first feature a 5KM run and after every 1.5KM, runners will be treated to a live musical performance. Saving the best till last, Mr. David himself will be waiting for you at the finish line with his TS5 concept - something that started in 2012 and has since become a signature of his. It all came into being when he would host parties for friends in his penthouse apartment (TS5 is his apartment number) in Miami, Florida where he would perform as TS5. After these DJ sets proved mega-popular with friends.

If that’s not enough fuel to light a fire underneath you to make it to the finish line, then we’re not sure what it is. To be a part of this unique event, head to to register.