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Dancestock Again and Again

A certified Dancestock addict, Kurt Galalah saw one of the best electronic music line up's Cairo's ever witnessed this week at Cairo Jazz Club...

Wednesday is my new favourite day, thanks to Dancestock. As I walked in CJC, I thought to myself there’s no way episode three of Dancestock will beat the last two, but it did. The line-up was insane. I was expecting the stage to be taken over ONLY by our local maDJesty Shady Ezz and German Nu-Disco king Sharam Jey, but no. That wasn’t the case at all…

The night started off with Student DJ Mike Mamdouh getting on the stage. I thought I was at the wrong place, I didn’t sign up for this, where is Shady Ezz? Enta feen ya Shady? But Mike’s highly educated ways of modern DJing and his artillery of Deep House was brilliant. For the first time I did not want to shoot myself in the head (Sorry, me no Deep House fan). Next was Maie El Sabi, another Student DJ, who got onto the stage and played the most epically early noughties commercial set in the history of the planet. By that point in the night, everyone was fifty shades of crazy.

Then Shady Ezz got on the stage and he was in full-swing. Akheeran rege3t ya Shady! Everyone was chilled, as deep bass reverberated around the place, with energetic melodies and the odd vocal that forced you to get into the music. Then the music got a lot more energetic and I found myself dancing away in the little corner with my friends. Then out of nowhere, Sharam Jey just appears to claim his throne as the night's headliner. The House legend might not be a stranger to Cairo but he never fails to impress. With a cacophony of different styles, he managed to seamlessly switch from one track to the next, barely giving us time to grab a drink while we were glued to the dance floor. 

Next Wednesday is said to be a bigger yet one as none other than Tapesh makes a triumphant return to Egypt from Germany, while Aly Goede will get the night started earlier, alongside Gaser El Safty and Marwan Akl of Student DJ fame.