Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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Digital Art Museum Opening Soon in Jeddah

When opened, the Borderless museum will showcase over 50 digital interactive artworks based on light, sounds and touch.

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Digital Art Museum Opening Soon in Jeddah

Two years after plans for international art collective teamLab’s Borderless museum were announced in 2022, Jeddah’s first digital art museum is slated to open very soon, according to the Ministry of Culture.

Jeddah’s new 10,000 square metre museum sits in a prime spot in Al Arbaeen Lagoon, with views over the city’s historic district of Al Balad. True to its name, the digital museum will showcase artworks ‘without boundaries’, allowing visitors to wander amongst art displays based on light, sound and touch.

The museum will exhibit over 50 artworks created using teamLab’s digital technology, showcasing independent art pieces that move in and out of different rooms in the building, interacting with each other in an ‘artistic dialogue’. There will also be a children’s section, focusing on science and arts education through more interactive exhibits.