Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Documentary 'From Beneath the Earth' Focuses on Life of Underground Palestinian Musicians

'From Beneath the Earth' brings focus to the experience of five Palestinian artists as they attempt to transcend politics through music.

Staff Writer

From Beneath the Earth is a short documentary highlighting the struggles in life and art of five Palestinian musicians as they grapple with and attempt to transcend politics. It is produced by Mideast Tunes, the online platform promoting underground music from the MENA regions, in collaboration with Palestinian director Sami Alalul. The film features Mahmoud Jrere of acclaimed hip-hop duo DAM, West Bank hip-hop group Saaleek, Maysa Daw, and Haifa singer-songwriter Rasha Nahas.

However, the trailer purposely avoids naming the artists, aspiring to guide the focus of the film to the experience that any Palestinian could have making art under an occupation, rather than the artists as names themselves. From Beneath the Earth debuted this past October at The DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival, an event that unfortunately Alalul wasn't able to attend due to the denial of his US visa. At 21 minutes, Alalul’s film promises to be a heartening and inspiring look into a topic that continues to remain poignant, eyes peeled for its release worldwide in January.For more info check out Mideast Tunes on Facebook.