Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Dosy is the Driving School Helping Egyptian Women Get on Their Bikes Fearlessly

The platform has already been operating for over one year.

Staff Writer

Encouraging every young girl boss to break society's rules and do better for the environment is the driving school platform Dosy. The Cairo driving school not only teaches young women how to operate scooters and bikes, but also how to deal with the difficulties that comes with the harassment they may face while on the road.

The founders, sister duo Menna and Nouran Farouk, first came up with the idea when they decided to decrease traffic and pollution by driving a scooter. “My sister and I wanted to learn how to ride a scooter, but there were no services nearby for women or at times that were appropriate for us,” Menna Farouk told CairoScene.

The sisters quickly started recruiting female coaches and got to work. So far, they have five coaches in Cairo and two in Alexandria, and are looking to hire a self-defence coach soon to better enable women to protect themselves if faced with physical danger.

“I encourage any girl not to be afraid of society," Farouk added. "Try to convince those around you if they’re stopping you. Be brave and take the step for yourself and the environment.” Though they may be faced with adversity, Egyptian women are not one to shy away from a challenge— especially when it concerns the greater good of our planet.