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Education Minister Announces the End of Thanaweya Amma

The system will be replaced by a new modern system dubbed The Certificate of Egypt.

On Sunday, Education Minister Tarek Shawky announced that the next school year will see the cancelation of the primary school certificate obtained in the 6th grade, as well as the implementation of a new system for the high school diploma in Egypt, effectively ending the notorious Thanaweya Amma system and replacing it with a new modern system called Shehadet Masr (The Certificate of Egypt).

The current outdated secondary education system, which relies on one determining final exam for each subject, will virtually be history starting next year. Instead, students will accumulate grades throughout the three years of high school. Students will be graded for both participating in practical projects at school and for final exams which will be computer-created, electronically-graded MCQ exams, effectively eliminating any human interference with the examination process.

The minister further asserted that the phenomenon of Deroos Khosousya (private tutoring), which constitutes a significant financial burden on most Egyptian families, will be incorporated in the new educational system as a means to better overall academic performance as opposed to achieving the highest grades.     

"Students are not lab rats. We're not going to test this on them. There's well-rounded professional team currently working on establishing the new system," says Shawky.