Sunday April 2nd, 2023
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Egypt's First Sex Channel

Life coach and sexpert Amal Mahmoud is set to create a new YouTube channel dedicated to solving sexual problems that plague Egyptian couples.

Staff Writer

Sexpert Amal Mahmoud is set to launch Egypt's first YouTube channel designed to help lacklustre couples put the spark back in their relationship. The risque channel which aims to break down barriers in Egyptian society and address the taboo issues affecting couples between the sheets.

Mahmoud believes that the video series is badly needed in Egypt. She said: "We have to take positive action and face such problems." Mahmoud claims the idea came about as a result of the country's post revolution politics fetish.

“After realising that we have been involved in politics for so long that we forgot the humane side of us, I felt responsible towards people, so I decided to share my expertise and opinions with them. I decided to establish a YouTube channel, which anyone with a problem can turn to. This channel will address the differences between men and women, so that each party can try to understand the other and live more happily, because a happy family is the core of a healthy society."

The channel hopes to address Egyptians' sex problems along with other emotional problems affecting couples. The series is directed by scenarist and novelist Sherif Adel, and will be shot in Dubai.