Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Egypt Hates Booze and Bonking

Research by the PEW Centre has discovered that Egyptians are among the most conservative in world, as respondents to their surveys answer questions on moral matters.

Staff Writer

Egypt Hates Booze and Bonking

Egyptian attitudes to sex, alcohol and free love are among the least open minded on the planet, a study claims. The latest PEW Centre research found that 95% of Egyptians are against homosexuality with just two percent either in favour or branding it a non-moral issue. Extramarital affairs also ranked unfavourably with Egyptians, as 93% found the act unacceptable compared to less than half of French voters. Meanwhile, 91% of Egyptians disagreed with getting frisky before marriage, compared to 13% of Brits. And 91% slammed gambling compared to 55% of Chinese respondents.

However, people in Egypt were slightly more favourable towards divorce and contraception with 51% giving divorce the green light and almost four in 10 rooting for contraception, many of them not even considering it a moral issue. Similar figures were present across much of the Arab world including Jordan, Lebanon, and Tunisia. The poll conversly found that even near neighbours such as Israel and Turkey were far more open in their attitudes. Less than half of Israelis ranked alcohol, abortion, homosexuality and gambling as out of line. Meanwhile, a similar number of Turks were OK with with abortion, alcohol and divorce.