Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Egypt Introduces Electronic Sticker System to Record Traffic Violations

Streamlining several processes, the electronic system is set to act as a digital traffic ID.

Staff Writer

In a move to more efficiently monitor traffic violations, Egypt's Interior Ministry has started applying a newly launched traffic system which entails the installation of fixed electronic stickers to vehicles, security sources said.

The electronic stickers, which will be fixed to car windshields, will include a SIM card carrying all the vehicles information and data, which in turn will allow authorities to document violations, license expiration and even traffic congestion. The data can then be read by a special infrared device at traffic lights and by traffic officers. Security sources added that any action taken to remove or hide the electronic stickers will be immediately punished by fines.

This new system will also allow car owners to pay for road fairs, parking fees or fines electronically, after receiving a message on their mobile phones. With the likes of the newly built Guinness Book for Records-inducted Rod El Farag Axis introducing road fairs to access the bridge, this electronic system should streamline these kinds of processes among others, while ensuring strict enforcement of traffic regulations in Egypt.