Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Egypt Invests EGP 100 Million to Upgrading Mosques in Villages

The plan is part of Egypt's newly adopted ambition to transform and redevelop 1,500 villages in the countryside over the next three years.

Cairo Scene

At the end of January 2020, it was announced that Egypt is completely transforming its countryside with hopes of redeveloping 1,500 villages. Now it’s been revealed that EGP100 million of that sum will exclusively be used to redevelop mosques in targeted villages.

Depending on the state of the structure, the mosque could be rebuilt from scratch, renovated, or merely refurnished. Mosques that are in adequate condition won’t be touched.

Over 100 thousand meters of carpet have already been reserved for the project, with 20 thousand being prepared each month as of now until the order is fulfilled.

According to the Ministry of Endowments (aka Ministry of Awqaf), around 800 mosques around the country have been renovated in just five months from September to the end of January.