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Egypt's New Traffic Law: Pulling Over on a Highway Might Land You in Prison

Even the good old fashioned wedding entourages have practically been outlawed.

Earlier this month, Egypt's Parliament approved the enforcement of the new point-based traffic law. The approved draft will see drivers, who have to be literate and above 18,  be subjected to drug testing before obtaining their licenses, in addition to passing training workshops at certified Traffic Police centers across the country.

Furthermore, the law specified up to 3 months in jail and a EGP 4K fine for drivers not keeping safe distances between them and other vehicles, while driving with an expired license will land offenders in jail for a month and set them back anywhere between EGP 500 and EGP 1000.

Similarly, pulling over on the side of a highway has been outlawed; now punishable by up to EGP 1000 in fines and up to a month in prison.

On the heftier side of things, up to an EGP 20K in fines will be enforced on those organising wedding entourages or constructing speed bumpers without prior permission from the traffic authorities.