Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Egypt Orders All Airports to Relocate Hazardous Goods Following Beirut Explosion

After the devastating events of the Beirut explosion, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has ordered all Egyptian airports to move hazardous goods to safe storage spaces away from passengers and civilians.

Staff Writer

A week after the devastating explosion at Beirut’s port, the Ministry of Civil Aviation formed a committee on Sunday to inspect and count all shipments, warehouses, storage containers in the storage spaces of the Cairo International Airport, as well as all airports across Egypt. All dangerous or hazardous goods are planned to be properly moved to a safe storage space outside of the geographical range of the airports or any space where citizens are located.

The committee will conduct a comprehensive evaluation and reassessment of the storage areas’ procedures to enhance safety and security in accordance with the Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). This move aims to ensure the safety of passengers, staff and all citizens in the vicinity of airports.