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Update: Egypt's Parliament Approves Law Granting President Unprecedented Powers over its Judiciary

Egypt's judges have called the newly approved law unconstitutional.

The controversial amendment to the judicial authority law, which grants Egypt's president unprecedented powers over appointing the heads of the country's judicial bodies, was passed by the Egyptian Parliament on Wednesday to widespread rejection by most judges who described it as unconstitutional, Al Ahram reports.

The law is yet to be ratified by President El-Sisi before it goes into full effect. It was, however, approved by more than two-thirds of the parliament, which disregarded an earlier report by The State Council clarifying the unconstitutionality of the proposal, according to Al-Masry Al-Youm.

The 2014 Egyptian constitution asserts the independence of judicial bodies and separation of state powers, which the law is widely seen as in violation of, for granting the head of executive authority the right to appoint the heads of judicial authorities.

[UPDATE] Late Thursday night President El-Sisi ratified the amendment. 


Photo: Reuters