Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Egypt Penises: the Biggest

Well done, boys.

Staff Writer

Egyptian men have some of the largest penises in the world, while Egyptian women have some of the best breasts, a study claims. The latest figures by Target Map show show that the average penis length in Egypt is a whopping 15.69cm. The survey ranks Egypt ahead of neighbouring countries including Saudi Arabia (13.80cm) and Israel (14.38cm). However 'we compensate with cash' Jordan, and 'we have other things to worry about' Syria failed to take part in the poll. Meanwhile, the men with the smallest penises were in South Korea.

The study also showed that Egyptian women have some of the world's best breasts. Egypt's women stuck to the old adage that more than a handful is a waste, as they weighed in at a respectable B cup. The study of breast size by country shows Egyptian women are bustier than their Chinese, Japanese and Korean counterparts.
Chinese women have the world's smallest breasts ranking at an ironing board style A cup. In short - we rock, generally.