Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Egypt Ranks as the 7th Biggest Polluter of the World’s Seas and Oceans

New analysis shows that Egypt is among the top 10 countries that dump plastic into the world’s seas and oceans.

Staff Writer

Egypt Ranks as the 7th Biggest Polluter of the World’s Seas and Oceans

You’re all in for a treat, as Egypt has just made another top ten list, and, you guessed it, it isn't about anything good.

According to new statistics that were published by World Atlas and Waste Advantage, Egypt is the seventh biggest polluter of the world’s seas and oceans when it comes to the dumping of plastic-based products.

The study reveals that Egypt dumps an average of nearly one ton of plastic into its surrounding seawaters every year. To try and make ourselves feel better, we would like to mention that ranking top spot is China, who pollute the oceans with almost nine tons of plastic.

Other countries ranking above Egypt are Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. Doing better than us are Malaysia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Nearly 513 million tons of plastic are dumped into the world’s seas and oceans a year, 80% of which are dumped by only 20 countries.

Come on ya Masr, our seas and coasts are among the most beautiful and naturally diverse ecosystems in the world. They attract tourists and are a source of national pride. We enjoy holidaying in them, as well, so please dearest countrymen, keep the beach clean this summer. It’s not that hard.