Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Egypt Ranks Globally as the Sixth Most Expensive Place to Buy an iPhone 7

Even Switzerland has cheaper iPhones...

Staff Writer

A recent report by Business Insider has revealed the rankings of iPhone 7 prices around the world thanks to a study by Deutsch Bank. Those Germans didn’t care to include Egypt though. Apparently giving birth to civilisation, and inventing the world’s first vibrator isn’t enough to warrant our inclusion.

Looking to include Egypt in the list, Enterprise did their own calculations based on the study and discovered that Egypt ranks as the sixth-most expensive country in the world to buy an iPhone. Damn.

If you were thinking about investing in a 128GB iPhone 7, well you’ll be set back 17,999 EGP, equivalent to around $995. The price ties Egypt with Italy. At the top of the list are Turkey, Brazil, Russia, Greece, and Poland, while most European countries rank below Egypt. We're starting to think it would be cheaper to just fly off to Europe to buy one right?!

In the US, the cheapest country on the list, you can purchase the iPhone 7 for a whopping $185.05 less on Amazon for $809.95. Better get in touch with that friend who’s coming back from there soon.

Photo: CairoZoom