Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Egypt Women are World's Fattest

A new survey puts Egyptian women ahead of even the USA on the obesity scale.

Staff Writer

Egyptian women are the world's fattest, a new study claims. The survey by Bloomberg claims that women in Egypt tip the scales at an average 172.25lbs - a whopping 32.07lb overweight. Egypt is closely followed by Jordan, South Africa, and the USA in the fat stakes.

The trimmest women in the world are the French, weighing in at 147.42 lbs. They were closely followed by Lithuania, Cuba and Ukraine. The study follows on from a previous study by the World Health Organisation which claimed that seven in 10 adults here are overweight. Meanwhile, a similar poll found that almost a fifth of school aged children are overweight.

The statistics look set to worry health experts amid claims that Egypt could be facing an obesity crisis thanks to poor diet and increased junk food consumption. The WHO estimates that currently around one in every three of the world’s adults is overweight, while nearly one in every ten is obese.