Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Egypt's Ministry of Finance to Install Energy Conserving Streetlights

Egypt's going green with smart street lighting.

Staff Writer

The Ministry of Finance has announced a plan to install new energy conserving headlights that will replace the current ones, according to Egypt Independent.
The Ministries of Local Development and Electricity cooperated wit the Arab Organization for Industrialization, and plans to install 2.5 million headlights and 64 thousand controlling units, which will cost EGP 2 billion. It's lit!

25% of the costs will be settled as a down payment at the beginning, 55% paid in monthly installments during the project, and the remaining paid immediately after work is finished. Minister of Local Administration, Abdel Aziz Tantawi, pointed out that "the project aims to reduce public spending, save the energy consumption used in lighting the streets and provide the lighting suitable for the safety of pedestrians and cars on the streets”. At the moment, the lack of headlights on some Egyptian highways can seem quite scary and dangerous, so here’s to hoping that this is gonna change.

Main image from A Narrow Path