Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism Resumes Desert Tourism Activities

Official support for tourism amidst Egypt’s desert landscapes is back in full swing after an eight-year hiatus.

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Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism Resumes Desert Tourism Activities

The vast desert landscapes of Egypt are one of the nation’s most defining features, and yet over the past eight years, official support for tourism in these majestic wilderness has been limited due to security concerns and a lack of infrastructure. Now, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has entered a collaboration with the Egyptian Travel Agents Association to launch a number of initiatives and restart national support for desert tourism.

These new programs will bring together local tourism companies and communities residing in the local valleys to help tourists explore Egypt’s golden dunes. Trial safari trips are currently underway, and a full-fledged plan involving various institutions to ensure the safety of tourists, map out trip routes and mitigate possible environmentally hazardous impacts.

Licensed tourism companies are expected to apply for desert tourism permits through the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, following newly established guidelines which require companies to disclose all trip details including dates, locations, paperwork indicating vehicles’ maintenance and identification of tourists and the trip’s crew. Tourism companies will also be required to abide by environmental regulations and apply for permits at least 21 days before the desert tourism program is scheduled.