Sunday June 4th, 2023
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Egypt to Build Its First Native Train Factory

Egypt has historically imported its trains, but starting in 2021, a factory in Port Said will see Egypt's first natively built trains to help support the local economy and cater to nearby markets in Africa and the Arab world.

Staff Writer

Have you ever seen a 'Made in Egypt' tab on a train? Unless you're a time traveller or a liar, the answer would be 'no'. We've never really been in the train-making business. We tend to import our trains from places like Russia and Japan. But all of that is about to change; the Ministry of Transportation is rolling its sleeves up and embarking on a new mega-project that will see trains manufactured right here in Om El Donia.

Starting in 2021, the ministry will build a factory in Port Said that can manufacture trains of all kinds, whether they're electric, diesel or monorail trains. Implemented by the National Egyptian Company for Railway Industries, this project will create an industrial base that can produce coaches locally while meeting international standards.

The estimated cost of the project will be around USD240 million. It's hoped that this factory can help create jobs in the region, while meeting product demand across Africa and the Arab region.