Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Egypt to Celebrate 200th Anniversary of Rosetta Stone Discovery

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is holding a two-week celebration of the translation of the Rosetta Stone.

Cairo Scene

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is celebrating the 200th anniversary of the translation of the Rosetta Stone with two weeks of cultural events from September 2nd to September 27th.

The story of the Rosetta Stone - which led to our current understanding of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics after historian Francois Champollion decoded it in 1822 - will be the centrepiece at a special exhibition at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat, which will display the documents used to help translate the stone, as well as rare photographs published by Lehnert and Landrock. It will also inspire three exhibitions at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir.

The ministry will also kickstart the ‘Learn about Your Governorate’s Treasures’ campaign, as well as the ‘Ancient Egyptian Language’ campaign, where people can learn more about hieroglyphics and how to read them.