Wednesday February 8th, 2023
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Egyptian American Cardiologist Nominated for Europe’s Highest Honour

Cardiologist Waleed Hassanein earned this honour for developing the Organ Care System (OCS).

Staff Writer

For his breakthrough innovation in the field of transplanted organ preservation, namely Organ Care System (OCS), Egyptian American cardiologist Waleed Hassanein has been selected as a finalist for The European Inventor Award, Europe's highest distinction for inventors worldwide.

The successful cardiologist studied medicine in Cairo, London, and Washington D.C., in which he developed a drive towards bettering the process of organs preservation by storing them in human body-like conditions, which has proven to enhance organs' functions and prolong their storage life.

"The defining moment really came to me during my first heart transplant procedure, when I recognised that the patient's heart will be put in this picnic cooler. The same organ I've been training for nearly a decade to know how to protect," says Dr Hassanein.