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Egyptian App SWVL is Continuing All Necessary Commutes Free of Charge

The local transport app is waiving fees, introducing new safety precautions, and promising to support its employees financially.

Egyptian App SWVL is Continuing All Necessary Commutes Free of Charge

Over the past few weeks, the coronavirus crisis has snowballed past what anyone could have initially envisioned, and in these trying times it is up to entire communities to band together and do whatever they can to help out – and that applies to companies just as much as it does to individuals.

One such company that is stepping up amid the escalating pandemic is Swvl, the Egyptian transport app that made waves for being one of the first in the country to let you book affordable rides on good quality buses that have fixed routes, fixed timings, and fixed prices.

While for some people, the best way they can actually help alleviate the current situation is by staying home and watching Friends reruns, the reality is that others such as those who work in what are currently considered essential industries (supermarkets, hospitals, pharmacies, banks, sanitation, etc.) across the nation still need to get to work, and they need to do it safely and at minimal cost - because this is an economic crisis as much as it a health one. Swvl is now playing their part in making sure that that happens and are essentially dedicating their entire operation to safe transportation during this COVID-19 outbreak.

The transport startup will continue to operate only absolutely necessary routes, which will now be called “Must-Have Trips” on the app, for those for whom it is imperative to get to work - and they will be cancelling ALL their fees for anyone using their service during this time. While the company is emphasising that most people should stay home, stay safe, and practice social distancing, it is important to remember that many people in our society are still risking everything to continue their jobs and to continue to help the rest of us - from doctors and nurses, to janitors and supermarket cashiers, who are the invisible heroes on the front lines of this pandemic. And it is for them that Swvl will continue to operate only necessary routes so they can ensure that they get to work safely without risking their health on the way there and back. 

All Swvl buses will now have limited seating capacity because while many still need to go about moving around the city, they also need to maintain safe distances from each other while doing so. As such, Swvl will ensure that only a limited number of people can get on any bus, and will disinfect the vehicle after every single ride.

The startup is also pledging to financially support their captains who drive the buses in order to make sure they can afford to purchase everything they need during this time, from home supplies to groceries.

Across the world, as we’ve witnessed this pandemic reach new proportions, we’ve also seen a tidal wave of kindness and of considerate acts, from supermarkets setting aside certain hours just for the elderly, to landlords forgiving rent for the time being, to companies or privileged individuals pledging to continue paying employees even though they can’t work. And much like these examples, Swvl is also now lending a helping hand where they can, being not only socially responsible toward their customers with major new safety precautions and by waiving their fees entirely, but also showing how corporations should behave towards their employees with their promise to financially support their captains. In these dire times, it’s heartwarming to see humanity come together, in whatever way they can, to help out, as so many have.

For more on Swvl, click here.

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